Organisation Networks

An organisation network is a private, internal network unique to your availability zone. They behave in the same way as an in-office network, where VMs are connected to the organisation network, which can then connect to an edge gateway to provide external access. Organisation networks can also be isolated to just connect VMs, with no edge gateway (and therefore no internet access) depending on requirements.

Should you require additional networks, for example to have a cluster of VMs able to talk to each other, but not to other VMs in your availability zone, you can create additional networks in the Cloud IaaS interface.


Click the + button, or New Org Network to bring up the new network wizard. The fields are described below.


Label: Provide a name for your new network, for example Web Cluster or Internal Servers

Ogranization & Resource Pool: These will be automatically filled in

Network Type: 

- Routed: This is an internal network that connects to an edge gateway to provide internet access. This is the recommended method of connecting servers to the internet.

- Isolated: Provides connectivity only between servers, without connecting to an edge gateway

- Direct: Provides a direct IP address on the public internet. Note that there are no edge gateways (firewalls) when choosing this method. We recommend using Routed for internet access.

Edge Gateway: When selecting Routed networks, choose the edge gateway this organisation network will use to access the internet

Network Address: Set the internal IP address of the edge gateway (routed network) or for the network controller (isolated network) in CIDR notation. For example, /24 provides a usable IP range of

DNS Addresses: Set the DNS resolver addresses that will be provided to each connected server. and are "on-net"

Static IP Pools: Set the range of IPs that can be assigned to connected servers. These must not include the Network Address above. For example, start may be and end


Once done, click submit and your organisation network will be created. You can now deploy new vApps directly into this network, or update your existing servers to use this network instead.

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