vApp States

On the vApp overview or in an individual vApp's overview, the Status column shows the current state of your vApp. This will be one of the following:

Powered On All virtual servers in this vApp are currently running
Powered Off All virtual servers in this vApp are shut down
Mixed Some virtual servers in this vApp are running, others are shut down or restarting
Suspended The vApp has been suspended and all servers paused
Resolved The vApp has been successfully created, but does not contain any servers
Inconsistent State Changes have been recently applied to the vApp and the system is waiting for synchronisation
Failed Creation The vApp could not be created successfully. Please ensure you're selecting the appropriate template location for your deployment
Unresolved The vApp can not be managed at this time. If this continues, contact support
Unrecognized The vApp's state does not match a normal state. This may display during an import. If this continues, contact support
Unknown The vApp is in a recognised state, but is not correctly linked to your account. Please contact support if this continues
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