Adding Additional Disks

For some setups it is desirable to have multiple disks, for example an OS drive and a data drive, or to store the OS on tier 2 storage, with a tier 1 disk for a database.

Before performing the below steps, ensure you have ordered the required storage allocations.

To set your OS drive tier and size, specify this during the vApp deployment wizard, as per

Once your server has been deployed, you can add additional disks by navigating to your virtual server, either from vApps, selecting your vApp, then selecting the virtual server, or by choosing your virtual server from the virtual servers section.

From the virtual server overview, hover over the Storage drop down and select Disks.


You will be presented with a list of all disks currently attached to the virtual server. To add a new one, select Create Disk. Specify the tier you wish to have the disk deployed on from the data store drop down, then specify the desired size of the disk in gigabytes. You may opt to change the device type, however LSI Logic Parallel will work for most deployments.


Once you've clicked Add Disk, your new disk will be created and attached to the virtual server. This may take a few minutes - you can check the progress under your virtual server overview's log section.

Please note that, when adding a disk, no operating system level changes are made. This means you may need to manually rescan for disks and assign a drive letter in windows, or manually partition and mount the disk in Linux.

If you require additional disks, please repeat the steps above for each.

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