Resource Description - Internet IP Addresses


This is the number of public internet IP addresses that will be available on your Cloud IaaS service. 


Note that at least 1 will be required in order for your Cloud Servers to be able to access the internet.  In some circumstances, for example, where your Cloud IaaS service will be used with an existing MPLS, which has existing internet access and a VRF, then an Internet IP Address and Internet Transit may not be required by your Cloud IaaS service.


By default, your Internet IP addresses will be assigned to your Edge Gateway (a virtual cloud router).  We recommend leaving any public IP addresses there and accessing your cloud environment through it's VPN capabilities, or via an MPLS connection. 

If public access to a port is required, then we recommend using the port forwarding feature of the Edge Gateway, rather than directly assigning internet IP addresses to a Cloud Server.


You may have an unlimited number of private IP addresses on your internal or virtual networks.  This only refers to publicly accessible, internet IP addresses.

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