Resource Description - Tier 3 Storage


This is our low-cost storage option, designed for non-critical data storage.  It's great to use as a target for your own backup software, or for storage of easily replaceable data, such as ISO images and Outlook data caches.


As it's designed for backup, there are no guarantees on storage performance or availability.


Data stored on tier 3 storage is not backed up by us.  If something is deleted from tier 3 storage, or if there's critical failure on tier 3 storage infrastructure we're unlikely to be able to retrieve your data.  We strongly recommend the use of Tier 1 or Tier 2 storage for all critical data.


This storage can be divided up between your cloud servers as you see fit after the service has been provisioned. When ordering, you should order as much storage as you will require for your whole environment.

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