Send an SMS from Email

The 2-way and SMS gateway services both have the ability to send an outbound SMS from emails.


Any users who will be using email to send SMS messages will need to be configured as an authorised staff member. Please see the Authorised Staff article for instructions.


To send an SMS, compose a new email using the email account that has been authorised, then follow the below:


TO: (see below for more information)

FROM: Set this to the account added in the authorised staff list

SUBJECT: Enter the desired from ID here - this is what will show as the sender on the receiving phone. Maximum 10 characters. If not specified, the default set in Portal will be used.

BODY: Enter your SMS message. Ensure you remove any footers, images, attachments etc. from the email body before sending.


The domain will change depending on if you have a Whitelabel service. If whitelabel is enabled on your account, domain will be the address of your SMS webApp. If you do not have whitelabel, the following default domains can be used:

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