Managing a Migration

Migration Dashboard

Note: Making changes directly in Office 365 once the migration is underway can cause conflicts with the Migration Application which can result in errors and loss of configuration changes made in Office 365. Where possible, make configuration changes using the Migration Tracker, via Fancy Mode.

The Migration Application reduces the amount of manual effort and administration of a Migration Project by an average of 90%. Critical to ensuring that the manual effort and risk is minimised is regular review of the Migration Dashboard and any communications sent by the Migration Application.

Migration Manager - Overview

Note: Many steps and configuration options are different across migration suites. Many configuration options and automation steps are not available for Data Only migrations.

Migration Manager

Migration Alerts

IMPORTANT: Regularly checking the Migration Dashboard for Alerts is critical to ensuring a smooth migration


Migration Tracker

The Tracker provides overview information of the progress of the migration. It outlines which key steps of the migration process have been completed as well as indicating errors and issues. You can also reschedule the migration if it is more than four hours before the cutover.

Recent Activity

View Recent Activity for detail regarding the steps and operations the Migration Application has completed.

  • Alerts

    The Alerts section of the Migration Dashboard is one of the most important features of the Migration Application. Throughout the migration process, the Migration Application will inform you of issues, warnings and errors - many of which will require immediate resolution.

    Alerts are categorised by criticality and subject/type. Alerts categorised by subject can often be reviewed and completed in bulk.

    Some Alerts are purely information with no follow-up action. For other Alerts, "Completing" (clicking the tick or complete button) will result in the Migration Application performing a specific action. Any manual steps required will be outlined in the Alert as well as what the Migration Application will do as a subsequent action.

    To complete an Alert, select it and click the complete icon. (Bulk Complete—located in the top left—appears when you select a checkbox). 

    This confirmation message will appear:

    Alert Completion: Many Alerts have a complete operation (or tail). Review the Alert carefully to understand any steps required and what the Migration Application will do as a result of the completion of the Alert.

  • Email Accounts

    Even after the migration project has started, many aspects of the migration can continue to be modified and configured. Configuration can be performed using Fancy Mode in the same fashion as during the "Review Accounts" stage of the Migration Planner.

    Note: Many configuration changes cannot be made with Data Only migration projects and/or when Directory Synchronisation is being used.

    Fancy Mode

    Fancy Mode can be used in much the same way as during the Migration Planner. Selecting the blue Fancy Mode cog will show the Fancy Mode pane where changes can be made.

    Similarly, many operations can be made in bulk, using Bulk Fancy Mode

    Note: Fancy Mode changes do not take effect immediately. Any changes made via Fancy Mode once the migration has started will not come into effect until the next sync operation. This can be four or more hours after the change is made.

    Because there can be a delay before Fancy Mode changes are synchronized into Office 365, it's recommended that you do not make configuration changes less than four hours before the migration cutover.

  • Staging Groups

    Staging Groups can be reconfigured and rescheduled up to four hours before the scheduled cutover of the Staging Group being modifed.

    Staging Group configuration changes can be made in the same way as during the Migration Planner.

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