Migration Types

SkyKick offers two different types of migration, which you will need to consider before planning your migration. These options are Data-Only and Migration Suite, the features of which are as follows:

Note that help desk support is not included with the data only option. For this reason we recommend only using this migration option if you have IT resources in your organisation to support the process.


Migration Suite
The migration suite brings all of your customers emails, calendars and contacts from their existing e-mail service to Office 365. In adition, permissions for mailboxes, shared mailboxes and public folders are also migrated. It includes account discovery, automatic Office 365 configuration, full migration planning, end user software re-configuration, along with assisted DNS re-configuration and support helpdesk.

Data Only 
This type migrates email, calendars and contacts for individual mailboxes, shared mailboxes and public folders, where the Office 365 tenant and destination mailboxes already exist. This method does not create shared mailboxes, reconfigure software on the user's desktop, nor include a helpdesk.

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