Difference Between SMB and Enterprise

How are the Enterprise and SMB web planners different? When should I use each one?

The SMB Planner is designed to allow you to plan and place a project order quickly and easily and is optimized for projects less than 250 seats and cutover migrations.

The flow of the SMB App is transactional and allows you to work with a customer through the stages of account discovery, architecting the migration plan and setting up tools to manage DNS cutover and communications. Some SkyKick partners use the SMB App as a selling tool and actively work through the project with a customer in person or on a screenshare.

The Enterprise Web Planner is designed for larger, more complicated projects and exposes more options for control of the project for power users. The App has been tailored for larger projects over 250 seats where the planning and architecting phase may be longer and required multi-server, multi-domain discovery, detailed account configuration and staged migrations. You can also Save the order and quickly resume where you left off in the Planner.

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