What not to do during a migration

  • Do not make changes in the Office 365 tenant prior to Migration Date. This includes changing Mailboxes, Distribution Groups, Shared Mailboxes, Aliases, Public Folders, unlicensed SkyKick admin users, Domains, Email Addresses, Policies, etc. This may interfere with the migration process.
  • Do not disable the source email for a minimum of 72 hours post migration. During the Migration Process, the Migration Application ensures that all data and PCs are ready for cutover.
  • Do not enable email forwarding from the old email server. This may create duplicate items.
  • Do not change the public facing webmail DNS record for email for 72 hours while SkyKick Sweep Syncs are in process. This may break the Final Sync and Sweep Sync processes.
  • Do not change end user passwords during the migration process. Connectivity to the Source email system and Office 365 is required for Server Sync and the Outlook Assistant to run.
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