Moving From Another Licensing Provider

If you have an active Office 365 subscription that is licensed through another licensing supplier (Microsoft direct, Ingram Micro, etc.), you can transition the licensing to us.

Note that we won't directly take over the licensing issued previously, instead we'll assign replacement licenses. In most cases, as the previous licensing expires, the new licensing will automatically fill the gap. Bearing this in mind, you may want to wait until the existing licensing is approaching expiry, before you begin the transition, as there may be an overlap. We do, however, recommend starting the process a week or more out from the expiration date.


Setting up the customer account

Before you can order Office 365, you will need to setup the customer's Portal account. To do so, please see the following articles:



Once imported, ensure the customer's account has a physical address listed, as Microsoft will not accept a PO Box.


Ordering the Licenses

Once the customer has been imported, and all details are correct, navigate to the Store & Pricebook tab in Portal. Under the Office 365 section, select the type of license you wish to assign. If these are mixed license types, select the license type the customer has the most of - you can add additional licenses in the next step.

Portal will popup a window asking to select the account you wish to provision the licenses to. Select the account you created earlier.

In the Office 365 Order wizard, select 'I want to add more licenses to an existing Office 365 service, or migrate from a 3rd party Office 365 provider', then 'I want to migrate an existing Office 365 service current with a 3rd party (or direct with Microsoft)'


In the Service Details area, fill in the temporary domain and the production domain fields with the details from the existing subscription. You can check these from the Office 365 Admin centre ( under Settings > Domains.

NB: Temporary domain and production domain must match exactly the details of the existing service, or the transition will fail.

Verify the account details and, if any changes are required, edit the customer's Portal profile before continuing.

From the license list, select the number of each type of license required. Read the notice, select the box if accepted, then submit the order. A new order will be generated in the system and an email with the order number will be sent to your Portal account's email address.



To administer licensing, we make use of Delegated Administration permissions on the Office 365 subscription. The administration permissions are enabled through two URLs - please click and approve Link 1 at the time of your order:

Link 1:

Link 2: This is a unique link and will be provided once your transition order transition order is placed.

These can only be approved by a global administrator level account on the current subscription. Once approved, reply to the order email advising this step has been completed.

Your new licenses will then be allocated to the subscription and a follow up notification will be sent when they're ready to use.

It's important to verify the number of licenses available is enough to replace those that are expiring. You can do this from the Office 365 Admin portal by selecting Billing > Licenses, or by assigning the replacement licenses to users.

If more are required, please follow the same process to order licenses to the account, but select 'Add licenses to an existing subscription', then select the transitioned service from the drop-down.


Expiration of Old Licenses

As the old licenses expire, yourself or your customer, depending on the administration setup on the Office 365 service, may receive warning emails from Microsoft advising of the approaching license expiry. These can be safely discarded.

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