API Limitations

Although there are no hard limitations on API query rates, we ask that when using our API, you stick to the following guidelines.  These guidelines are intended to allow developers to interact with our systems without strict limitations, while not interfering with the performance of others' queries.



Bursts of queries (such as when creating an account) should be separated by a few seconds of sleep between rounds.

For example, if you're polling user information, then creating services recursively, please add at least a 2 second wait between users.



Ongoing polling should be limited to no more than once per minute.

For example, if you're polling a CDR feed, we ask that you not do this more than once per minute.  Depending on the size of the query, these can take a few seconds to return.  Our internal cycle for CDR rotation in 1 minute, so polling more often than this won't provide any benefit.


Keep query size reasonable and consider peak usage times.

We process millions of records a day, so keep in mind that polling long time periods worth of records may create considerable system load on database servers.  If you're polling 24 hours worth of data, there's no issue polling every few minutes, while if you're polling 6 months worth of data, we ask that you do this not more than once per day and during off peak times.


Use common sense when it comes to API interaction.

Please note that our acceptable use policy (AUP) applies to API use.  Although polling rates are not automatically limited, they are monitored.  In the event that your API use is flagged as unreasonable or interfering with others' usage of the system, your access may be restricted.

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