Configuring Yealink T41P for PBX as a Service

This general guide will provide you with the basic steps to configure your phone for use with Neural's PBXaaS. It is important to note that phones vary widely in their setup methods and interfaces. While this guide is centred on Yealink T41P phones, you will be able to find comparable options in your phone.


Accessing the setup interface

In order to register your phone with us, you need to set up your phone with our sever and authentication details.

On your Yealink, the easiest way to do this is via the web interface. Open the menu on your phone, navigate to 'Status', find 'IPv4' (it should look something like or

On your computer, open your web browser and navigate to this IP address. NB: Your computer must be on the same network as your phone for this to work. Once the interface has loaded, you will need to login. The default username and password is Admin/Admin.

To configure your extension to connect, go to the Account tab, then fill in the fields as appropriate. The fields are highlighted on the screenshot below:

The highlighted settings are detailed below:

Line Active Enabled
Label This is what is shown for the corresponding line key on the handset. Eg. PBXaaS 101
Display Name This is what the phone presents on outbound calls. Eg. John Smith
Register Name This is the login number of your extension. Eg. 901107
User Name This is the login number of your extension. Eg. 901107
Password This is the 'Secret' field of your extension
Server Host
Server Expires 300


Once the above has been configured, go to Codec on the left. Move PCMA (our network's native format) to the top of the list on the right using the up/down arrow buttons

These are the basic changes required to have the phone register and begin processing calls.

We strongly recommend changing the Admin password from the security tab to something strong.


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