Music on Hold


Music on Hold configuration can be accessed under System on the navigation menu.



Music on Hold supports multiple tracks (records), which can be managed from the Content tab. To add a record, click Add Record, specify the clip name (no spaces), then select the file to upload. To ensure your music on hold files is in the correct format, please see the following article:

Set your class (see below for more info on classes), then choose whether the track should be enabled.


Our PBX platform supports multiple MoH classes. These can be used to play different music on hold for each call flow, for example a call to the sales queue may place a track with advertising, while a call to a support queue may play a track with instructions to turn your device off and on again.

The default class is inbuilt, so can not be removed. This class is automatically selected on all new queues, ring groups, etc. that are created. In each section you will find a Music on Hold dropdown, which will let you select from any classes you have setup here.

If you have multiple tracks and wish to play them in a random order to callers, edit the class the tracks are assigned to and select Yes for random.


NB: Music on hold changes will take effect overnight.


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