Setting up your Office 365 service

Once your Office 365 subscription has been setup, you will receive an email from our system containing the administrator login for your subscription.


Logging in to Office

Retrieve the details from this email and navigate to, then enter the credentials into the username and password field. On your first sign on, you will be using an temporary domain to log in.

Once logged in, to access the administrator panel, choose Panels from the top left, then click Admin.


Video Setup Guide

Microsoft support provide a video training guide that covers the steps below. You can watch this video guide at this link: Office Support 


Starting the Setup Wizard

From the navigation menu, select Setup, then click Start Setup.


If, at any time, you use the X at the top right of the setup wizard, you can repeat these steps to pickup where you left off.



Configuring your production domain

Click the Let's Get Started link, then enter your production domain click Next.

Office 365 requires a domain be validated before it can be attached to a subscription. This is done by setting a DNS record on the domain, either a TXT record or an MX type record. Copy the TXT record that Office presents, similar to the below, then create a record using these details at your DNS host. If you have managed DNS, provide these details to your host.

If you're unable to create a TXT record, you can opt to use an MX record instead. To retrieve the MX record details, choose the 'Use an MX record instead' link at the bottom of the page. Office will then present you with the details necessary to create the record, as follows:

Once a record of either type has been created, choose 'Okay, I've added the record'. Office will then check that the record exists and, if successful, associates the production domain with your subscription. Click next to continue.

If the portal advises that a record can not be found, it may have been added into your DNS host incorrectly, or may still be propagating. Please double check the record, allow some time to pass, then try to verify again.



Updating and Adding Users

Once your production domain has been verified, you will be prompted to update the admin users to the production domain. Highlight the checkbox for all users and select update.

The next time you login to the Office 365 Portal, you will use your production domain, instead of the temporary domain. For example,

Before continuing to the next step, you may need to log back in using your new username. You will then be presented with the option to add new users. To do so, enter their first name, surname and their email prefix (without the domain, for example jsmith). If you're adding multiple users now, click the Add a row button to give the correct number of fields.

 Once you have added all the users, click 'Add these users' to continue.

 When Office has finished creating your new users, you will be presented a confirmation screen containing the user's login details and temporary passwords. Ensure you copy these to provide to your users.



Configuring DNS

Finally, you will need configure some DNS entries on your production domain, to ensure mail flows to your new service.

If you wish to have your DNS managed by Microsoft, and you do not have a website or other records present, you can opt to transfer your DNS. In most cases, however, the answer will be no, I prefer to manage my own DNS records.

Select from the list the applicable services you wish to show the DNS records for. Note that this doesn't enable or disable features associated with your subscription, it only chooses which of the services to display the DNS records for.

You will be presented with a list of the DNS records required to configure the services you selected in the previous step. To set these, you will need to login to your DNS host and add the records, or if you're using a managed DNS service, provide these records to your host.

You can review these DNS entries at a later time by clicking on Domains in the navigation panel, then choosing either Start Setup, Complete Setup or Manage DNS for your production domain.

For a general list of the required DNS entries, please see the following article:

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