What is an Office 365 Domain AKA "Temporary Domain"?

The temporary domain is a domain on which your Office 365 service will initially be provisioned, before your existing domain is re-configured to use Office 365.  These always end in .onmicrosoft.com.


An example of a temporary domain:



The underlined section of the domain can be anything of your choosing, within the following requirements...

  • Domains can only contain alpha numeric characters. i.e. abcd..z and 1234..0
  • Not more than 20 characters long
  • The domain must be unique.  By default, when you order through us the domain will be set to (company name)(account number), which is generally quite likely to be available.  Your order may be rejected and need to be re-lodged if you choose a name that's already taken.


 Can these be used for e-mailing?

When your service is first set up, this temporary domain can be used in place of your production (real) domain for testing or redirections if desired.  For example, an e-mail address on a temporary domain may be john@mycompany.onmicrosoft.com.  Once your service migration is completed (by setting up your real domain in your Office 365 service) your regular domain (eg. john@mycompany.com.au) will begin working with your new Office 365 service.


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