Troubleshooting Outlook Initial Setup

If you have been using Outlook previously with another provider, it may be necessary to create a new Outlook profile to complete setup.

Credential Manager

If you have attempted to set Office 365 up through your current profile, you may need to remove the saved credentials. If this is the first attempt at setting this up, skip to Profiles. To remove saved credentials, open Control Panel and find Credential Manager. Expand any entries related to your Office 365 account, which will show your email address, then choose remove from vault.



To do so, open Control Panel and choose Mail (32bit). You may need to enter the word mail into the search bar.

NB: If you are using Outlook 2016, choose Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016 32-bit). If you are prompted with a warning about Outlook 2007, select yes. This will make the profile incompatible with version 2007 or earlier of Outlook, but will not affect any backed up PSTs.

Choose New under the profile box, give the profile a name (eg. Office365) then follow the setup prompts to enter your name, email address and password. Click next and Outlook will auto-configure its settings.

If you are prompted more than twice to enter your email address and password, even after selecting 'remember these credentials', please see credential manager above. If autodiscover succeeds, you will see the Microsoft Exchange logo show on the wizard.

Once the autodiscover wizard has completed, click Finish. From the Profiles window, choose either Always use this profile if you want Outlook to always start with Office 365, or select 'Prompt for profile at startup' if you would like to switch between your Office 365 and your legacy subscription.



If Outlook can't autodiscover your settings, you may need to verify that your DNS records are set correctly. Please refer to the completion email you received when your Office 365 was setup for the autodiscover records.




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