MyCloud Desktop Implementation Guide

Note that this article is a work in progress.  Please contact support if further assistance is needed.


The implementation process for this product will vary depending on the customers environment, whether they are a new or existing business, the speed of their internet connection and a number of other factors.  The process provided here is intended as a general guide applicable in most circumstances.

  1. Apps are installed and/or non-library applications are provided by the SP via the Applications tab in the MyCloud Desktop web application (video guide)
  2. Customer equipment is configured to connect to the service (configuration guides are in the Knowledge Base)
  3. Printers are connected to the service (see supported printers)
  4. Any other customer devices, backup systems or other 3rd party components are configured and connected to the service
  5. A cutover date should be scheduled with the customer to switch from their existing system, or go live if they are a new business
  6. Training of on-site staff – a process instucting them how to start using MyCloud desktop instead of the existing system is essential for existing business’
  7. As near as possible to the cutover date (within time window requirements for the upload or postage of data) customer data is either uploaded by the SP, or submitted on disk by the SP for processing by IAB. This process will typically done outside of the business’ operational hours

At the cutover date, implementation will be completed and the customer will be actively using the service.

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