Fax Error Codes

When using our fax service, the receiving machine and our system provides an error message to help diagnose any failures. These are displayed in the outbox and sent tab in the status column of any failed faxes. Below, you'll find a list of common errors are their explanations.

Error Definition
No response after sending a page The remote fax machine did not acknowledge that a page of the fax was received. Depending on the receiving machine, it may have printed the page
Received no response to DCS or TCF The receiving fax did not respond with its capabilities
The call dropped prematurely The call was disconnected before the fax could be sent. Normally, this error occurs when the far side hangs up
Disconnected after permitted retries The system attempted to send the same message multiple times unsuccessfully.
Far end cannot receive at the size of image The receiving fax machine does not support faxes at the current resolution or page size. Try setting the quality to normal instead of fine and ensure that your document size is supported by the far-end. This will normally be A4 or letter. If this doesn't work, please try optimising your PDF
Received bad response to DCS or training We received an unexpected response while querying the fax machine's capabilities
Timer T2 expired while waiting for fax page A call was established but there was no response from the far-end fax machine
No answer from remote SP The far end fax machine did not pickup the call. It may be engaged or the number dialed may not have a fax.
T38_NEG_ERROR We were unable to establish transmission with the far end fax machine
The HDLC carrier did not stop in a timely manner The system initiated a fax transmission but could not synchronise with the far end fax
Received a DCN while waiting for a DIS We received a disconnect notice while querying the far end's capabilities
Invalid ECM response received from transmitter We received an invalid error correction message from the far end machine
FILE_ERROR The system was unable to read the PDF uploaded. Please double check your document and re-upload
Received no response to DCS or TCF We received no response when requesting the far end machine's capabilities
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