Security Considerations for Mobile Devices & Laptops

As part of any good security policy it's important to ensure that any device that has access to the business' private or commercial data be protected from unauthorised access with a password, code or other similar security measures.

MyCloud Desktop is no exception to this general rule.  Any mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops configured to connect to MyCloud Desktop should always be password protected, in order to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to the business' data.

As a general guideline, two common policies that are implemented are...


Policy 1 - All devices must have a password, or not have the password saved in RDP client or MyCloud Connector

It is preferred that the device itself have a strong password (such as an unlock password on a laptop, or code on a mobile device).  If this is not possible, as a minimum, the users password should not be saved in the RDP client app, or MyCloud Connector.


Policy 2 - Early notification and password reset process

Users desktop passwords can be reset from the MyCloud Desktop web portal.  A senior person in the organisation should be trained in the use of this tool to reset users passwords.

Further to this, an organisational policy should be implemented, that anyone with a MyCloud Desktop must notify this person immediately, should a device configured for access be lost or stolen.  Upon notification the responsible person should reset this users password, to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access.



These policy snippets are intended as examples only.  They will not be suitable for all businesses and do no constitute a comprehensive organisational data security policy or processes in any way.


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