Configuring StorageCraft Image Manager for Cloud Backup

You can configure StorageCraft ImageManager to back up your ShadowProtect backups off-site using Cloud Backup.  To do so, you will need an intelligentFTP license for ImageManager.


Step 1.

Start StorageCraft ImageManager, select your managed folder, then click Add new replication target


Step 2.  

Change the Type field to intelligentFTP


Step 3.

In the Subdirectory drop down box, change the selection to <Add new location...>


Step 4.

Set the Name of the location to Cloud Backup or similar


Step 5.

Set the Path to the server address for your cloud backup service.  This can be found in the notification e-mail sent when the service was provisioned, or in the Backup tab of the Cloud Backup web portal.  Be sure to check the server address, as this won't work if it's not correct.


Step 6.

Set Security to SSL.


Step 7.

Set Mode to Passive.  In some networks, Active may be required here.  If you experience connection problems later when testing, try changing this value.


Step 8.

Check the requires authentication box and enter the Username and Password for the cloud backup service.  This is the FTPS login for the service, the username for which is typically cbuser-XXXX where XXXX is the service ID.



Step 9.

Click the Save button on both the location settings and replication target windows.


Other configuration and testing

Configuration to connect to the service is now complete.  You should now configure the rest of ImageManger's settings as required, including retention and replication policies to suit your requirements.

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