Configuring BackupAssist 8

To setup your BackupAssist 8 for Windows to work with Cloud Backup, you will need to have the appropriate licensing from BackupAssist to enable BackupAssist's Rsync add-on. 


Step 1.

Please login to the Cloud Backup webApp (, select the Backup tab and select the Backup tab, then Windows. You will need these details for BackupAssist.


Step 2.

In BackupAssist, select New and choose your backup job type. Choose the Backup's user identity (this is not the username / password supplied to you by the Neural Cloud Backup system, rather a user on your local system or domain).


Step 3.

Select the files and folders you would like to have backed up to the Cloud Backup service and proceed.

Choose Rsync as the backup destination, then elect your backup method and schedule.


Step 4.

Once you have reached the 'Set up Destination' screen, copy across the details provided in the webApp to the fields in BackupAssist, as follows:



Step 5.

Once the details have been completed, click Test Connection. You should see the following screen.



Step 6.

If the test completes successfully, congratulations - you have configured BackupAssist to use your cloud backup service.  Be sure to configure any other applicable options for your environment, before testing a live backup.



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