What's included for the white label fees?

Setup Fee

The setup fee covers...

  • Deployment of your white label applications in the cloud
  • Compiling and customisation of desktop applications such as Communicator and MyCloud connector
  • Provision of template documents for all current products in the applicable product line
  • Inbound/outbound e-mail system branding and configuration
  • Assistance in configuring DNS
  • Installation and testing of SSL certificates (where applicable)
  • Other various back-end deployment and configuration processes involved in deploying your customised white label platform

Documents can also be customised for your for an additional fee.


Monthly Fee

The monthly fee covers...

  • Hosting of your own branded white label Portal and web applications
  • Hosting of your branded documents, applications and other service components
  • Hosting of website tools (lead capture, store system, etc.)
  • Ongoing white labelling of future product updates and new product releases
  • Branding of updates to desktop software (eg. new versions of communicator)
  • A dedicated IP address for SSL white label deployments
  • Ongoing updates and feature enhancements to white label functionality
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