Call Centre Queue Call Terminations

When reviewing queue statistics for Call Centre PBXs, the termination reason for all calls flowing through that queue are presented on the right. These definitions are as follows:

COMPLETEAGENT: The call was answered and finished normally, with the Agent hanging up before the caller.

COMPLETECALLER: The call was answered and finished normally, with the Caller hanging up before the agent.

ABANDON: The Caller terminated the call while waiting in the queue

EXITWITHKEY: The Caller left the queue by pressing the exit key (eg. caller pressed 0 to leave a voicemail, instead of wait in the queue)

EXITWITHTIMEOUT: The Caller reached the maximum wait time for the queue and was the transferred to the timeout destination.

TRANSFER: The call was picked up by an agent and transferred to another destination, or the call was transferred through complex routing (eg. CallerID matching)

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