White Label Configuration

Neural's white label system can be setup or adjusted through Portal. Login with your Portal username and password and select Settings, followed by White Label Configuration.


NB: You must have a white label service to enable this function. If you do not yet have this service, you can order it from the PriceBook.

You will be presented with the below list of sections, each centring around a specific group of configuration tasks.

1. Organisation Branding Settings provides options for choosing your contact details, business display name and colour schemes

2. Logo and Graphics allows you to upload your company logo for display across the webApps

3. Customise Email Template provides options to configure how system generated emails appear to your users

4. Customise Documents allows you to upload custom templates with your brand for use in Neural's Solution and Quote building system. Please contact your account manager to submit these presently.

5. Access Control allows you to show or hide specific tabs and features from your branded webApps.

6. Manage Domains provides options to manage the web addresses for your branded webApps.



Branding Settings

Opening branding settings will present the following fields:


Organisation Details

Company Name: Enter your company name that will appear across all webApps

Twitter Account: Enter your company twitter account's handle. This will appear as a link for your users

Footer Content: Specify the footer to be displayed on all webApp pages. Eg: 'Whitelabel Co | www.whitelabelco.com.au | 13001WHITE | support@whitelabelco.com.au'

API Server Address: Enter the address that your users will specify when intergrating with the API. eg. api.whitelabelco.com.au

SIP Server Address: Enter the address your users will connect their VoIP endpoints to. eg. sip.whitelabelco.com.au

Primary Auth Realm: This is the authentication realm configured during your intial whitelabel setup. If you have requested multiples, specify the primary here. eg. net.whitelabelco.com.au



Company Website: Enter your website's URL here. eg: http://www.whitelabelco.com.au

Support or Contact page: Enter the URL for your contact page or support/ticketing system here. eg: http://support.whitelabelco.com.au

Terms and Conditions page: Enter the URL for your company's terms and conditions. eg: http://www.whitelabelco.com.au/tcs

Privacy Policy: Enter the URL for your company's privacy policy page. eg: http://www.whitelabelco.com.au/privacy


E-mail Addresses

Sales: Enter your sales email address. eg: sales@whitelabelco.com.au

Support: Enter your support email address. eg: support@whitelabelco.com.au

Accounts/Finance: Enter your accounts queries email address. eg: accounts@whitelabelco.com.au


Branding Options

Dialog & Panel Shapes: Allows you to specify either square or rounded corners for any dialog boxes or panels.


Colours Options

Select, by clicking on the colour fields, the colour you would like to use for each field.

Once you have completed all changes, please choose Save branding changes. To preview these changes, you will need to logout and back in to each web application.



Logo and Graphics

This section allows you to upload your company logo and images for use across the webApps.

Header Logo: Upload your main company banner by clicking browse and choosing a PNG, JPG or GIF file. This image will be shown at the top left of every page. The preferred size is 530 pixels wide by 120 pixels high. If the image is a different size, it will be scaled to the correct height.

Inline Logo: Upload your company's logo here. This image is shown on the login screen and throughout webApps at varying sizes. The optimal logo size is 512x512 pixels and will be gracefully scaled as required for display.

iDevice Icon: Upload your company icon here, which will be used when a webApp is added to the home screen of an iDevice (iPhone, iPad, etc.) The format for this image must be PNG and the size 64x64 pixels.

Address bar / Bookmark Icon: Upload an icon file of your company's logo here. This will be displayed in the browser's address bar, on the tab title, as well as in any favourites created. The format must be .ICO - click the link provided to convert your logo if required.

For example:

Once you have completed all changes, please choose Upload Images. To preview these changes, you will need to logout and back in to each web application.



Customise E-mail Template

This section allows you to specify the header and footer used in any outbound emails from the system. This includes new faxes, order updates, etc.

Use the rich text editor to create your desired header and footer, then click Save email template changes.

For example:



Customise Documents

Download the word document template files used by the Portal here.  These should be customised to suit your branding and requirements.  Further instructions for completing this process can be found in the Portal.

Note that if you have ordered White Label Platinum you may skip this step - as it is done for you. 



Access Control

This section allows you to enable or disable specific tabs or features from your branded version of the webApps. To disable a section, simply tick the associated checkbox. To re-enable, uncheck the box.

For example:

Once permissions have been set to your liking, click Save access permissions.


Manage Domains

This section allows you to specify the addresses you will use for each of the webApps. DNS entries must be created for the applications before attempting to create these domains. Please refer to the White Label DNS Entries guide for more information: https://neural.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211374888

The overview allows you to see the domains currently configured for your webApps, including their domain (URL), application name and the application configured. Should you wish, you can remove the domain by clicking the corresponding delete button.

To add a new domain once your DNS entries have been created, click the Create a New Domain button.

Enter the full domain name, eg: portal.whitelabelco.com.au or fax.whitelabelco.com.au

Select the application that will be associated with this domain from the dropdown. eg: Portal (customer and service management) or Fax webApp (Sending and receiving faxes to email)

Set the Application's name, which will be displayed in the title bar and at specific points across the webApps. eg: WhitelabelCo Cloud Portal

For example:

Once filled out, click Validate and create domain. The system will then check that DNS records have been properly created and associate the domain with the specified application. If you receive an error in this step, ensure your DNS records are correct and you have allowed sufficient time for the records to propagate (4-24 hours)


If you need support setting up your domains, please contact SDAT.  If your domain is hosted with TIAB, additional support may be available.




Once the above process has been completed - logout/login to your Portal and web applications on your domain (eg. portal.yourdomain.com) and verify you white label configuration has been applied.

Note: You may need to log out and in again twice before you can see the changes if you have already been to the domain before.

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