Supported Printers

MyCloud Office supports connecting to printers in the different ways...


Option 1 - From your existing PC

If you are using MyCloud Connector for Windows from your existing PC, your MyCloud desktop will be able to see any printers that are connected to your existing PC.  This includes both USB and Network printers.  

Simply make sure the "Connect Printers and Devices" option is selected in MyCloud Connector (this is on by default) and you will be able to see your Printers.


Option 2 - With a Google Cloud Print compatible printer

Your MyCloud Office service can be connected directly to any printer that supports Google Cloud Print.  Many recent models of printers have this built in, or you may choose to purchase a new printer that support Cloud print.

The supported list of printers can be found here:


Option 3 - With a  Lantronix® xPrintServer®

Lantronix® xPrintServer® servers enable you to convert your existing non-cloud-print-compatible printer into a cloud print device.  Simply connect it to the USB port on your printer, connect it to the network, log it in and you're ready to go.

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