Connecting from Mac


You can access your MyCloud Office, MyCloud Server or similar hosted desktop or server service from your Apple OSX devices such as iMac, MAc Mini, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.

To do so, you will need to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App to your device, by performing the following steps...



1. To download the Remote Desktop Client you need to visit Mac App Store and click the View in Mac App Store.


2. Once your Mac App Store has opened, you will see the download button marked as FREE that you can click the Install App.

and then 


3. Enter your Apple ID and Password when prompted and select Sign In.


4. Wait while your App is Installed. Once it has successfully Installed it will display as Installed in the Mac App Store.


5. Go to your Apps Folder and select the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.


6. Once the Microsoft Remote Desktop is opened, enter the server address in the Computer field, followed by ":", followed by the Port number, then press "Connect"


The server address can be found in your MyCloud Office activation e-mail, or in the Service Information screen for your service in MyCloud Portal.  The default Port number for MyCloud Office is 50,000.


8. Then in the Remote Desktop Connection window that pops up, enter your Username and Password. Then click OK.


9. If you would like to save your credentials for future use you can do so by selecting the RDC Menu from the Apple Top Menu and select the Preferences option from the list. This will pop up the Credentials window which you can fill in your Username, Password and Domain as covered in the previous steps. Once you have finished filling in the details you can close the window.

WARNING:  Anyone with access to your device will be able to access your MyCloud Office files and desktop without logging in if you choose this method.  We strongly recommend password protecting your device and taking all reasonable security precautions if using this option.



Configuration is complete

Your device is now ready to connect to the service.  To access the service in future, simply follow Step 5.




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