Configuring Cloud Backup for Synology NAS

Setting up a Synology NAS for use with Cloud Backup 2.0

This is a very technical process - you will need to have a working knowledge of Linux, SSH and Putty to perform this process.


1. Enabled SSH on the NAS
2. SSH in using Putty
3. Run the following commands...

cd /root/

4. Go to the "Linux" tab under "Backup" in the Cloud backup webApp...

5. Copy the [Backup Command] in the webApp and paste it into the Putty session


Tip:  To backup multiple directories, make multiple instance of the RSYNC line, as follows...

rsync -vr "/mnt/my-files/123/" rsync://

rsync -vr "/mnt/my-files/456/" rsync://


6. Save and quit Vi (escape, :w <enter>, :q <enter>)
7. In the NAS DSM, go to [Control Panel] > [Task Scheduler]
8. Create a new task > [User-defined script]
9. The "user defined script" box enter: /root/
10. Click the [Schedule] tab and set up the preferred schedule
11. Click [OK] -- the back up is now in place

12. Highlight the cloud backup tas and click [Run]
13. Switch to Putty and run "ps | grep rsync" and look for a line similar to:

rsync -vr /volume1/web/ rsync://


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