Adding a Signup form to your website

To add a customer signup form to your website, simply paste the following source code into the desired page, after modifying the appropriate variables shown.


<iframe src="http://portal.<YOUR DOMAIN HERE>/embed/signup" style="width: 100%;" frameborder="none" width="100%; height: 1500px;" height="1500" id="nndsEmbed" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>


SSL Security

If you have SSL enabled on your white labeling you should change the http:// to https:// at the start of the "src" tag.



The form's styling will be automatically picked up from your white label configuration. E-mail notifications from this form will also present with your white label branding.


When a customer signs up

You will receive an automated e-mail including the customers details, as well as the results of an automated ABR (Australian Business Register) search.  The customers profile will appear on the [Customers] tab in your Portal account and will be disabled by default.

Once you have contacted the customer and confirmed their identity and details, you can activate the account by enabling it under the [Customers] tab in Portal.

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