Phone number listing in White / Yellow Pages

As with any Australian phone number, your Neural VoIP phone number is elligable to be listed in the white or yellow pages (as applicable).  

White Pages is a service provided by Sensis and at time of writing they offer a free listing service via their websites.  White Pages does not register VoIP numbers automatically and you must use these free listing services in order to be listed. We have included below links to the assist with your submission.



White Pages



Yellow Pages




Print listing deadlines: If you would like your details to be listed in printed White Pages directories, please make sure to activate the listing by following the steps below at least 2 weeks before the White Pages Directory Deadline for printing.


Disclaimer:  Listings are the customers responsibility.  Neural is not responsible for registration of,  the appearance of, nor any other feature of service relating to the listing, including bold listings or any other features of the White Pages service.  Neural Networks is not affiliated with Sensis, White Pages, or Yellow Pages.

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