Ring Group Settings

Ring Groups

Ring groups are primarily used to enable forking of calls to external phone numbers. For example, a call to 0712345678 should ring an extension for 15 seconds, then call a mobile.

To access Ring Groups, select Extensions from the menu, followed by Ring Groups.

You can add a Ring Group using the ‘Add Ring Group’ Button above the list, or edit an existing ring group using the  icon next to your target ring group. You will be presented with the following, detailed below.




The friendly name for this Ring Group


Unique identifier for this ring group


Destination numbers. This can be extension (101, 102, etc) local, national or international numbers, separated by commas. Please note, the number needs to be in full context (i.e., 0254654564 for NSW, even if you are in NSW, or 0011 64 654654… for international)

Incoming limit

How many simultaneous callers can access this ring group.


Ring Groups- Advanced Options

To access the advanced options, create or edit a ring group as laid out about, then click  at the top of the window. You will be presented with the following additional options, detailed below.





you set a message that your callers hear when joining the ring group here. For more on greetings, see the Sounds section

Answer on undefined greeting

whether a caller can join the ring group that has no greeting set. N/A is default, yes

Timeout Message

A message that will be played to callers when the timeout (below) is reached


The number of times the ring group will try each phone number


How long the ring group will try to call each number for (in seconds)

Dial Options

Set specific dial flags here. See the glossary for options

Ring Strategy

Sets in which order the ring group will call the numbers listed

All – Ring all the numbers listed simultaneously

Least Recent – Begin with the number that hasn’t had a call in the longest time

Round – Try each number sequentially.

Round Memory – Try each number sequentially, resuming from the last Round’s position.

Custom Ringtone

If your handset supports it, you can specify which ring tone will be played when a call is received from this ring group. Refer to your phone manufacturer’s handbook for valid entries




Record Calls

Should calls that pass through this ring group be recorded? Default is no


Do not generate the tone that signifies a call is being recorded. Default is no



Exit Digit

Exit Digit

a number that will allow the caller to leave the ring group

Exit Destination

the extension number a caller exiting the ring group will be transferred to



Last Destination

Last Destination

After the timeouts are reached, the extension the call will be transferred to

Last Destination is Voicemail

Whether Last Destination (above) is a voicemail box


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