SMS Api Callback Information

SMS Delivery callbacks will be sent to the address you specify in SMS manager via HTTP or HTTPS POST.


Fields sent will consist of:


[action] => smscallback

Static, always contains this value.  Useful for multi-purpose callback scripts.

 [uid] => [Number]

This will be the unique ID of the SMS that was returned when the message was originally sent.

 [status] => 0

Status will be one of:

0 – Queued (generally won’t receive this)
1 – Sending
2 – Sent
3 – Error
4 - Received


    [error] => [Error Message]

Only sent when status is 3.  Contains verbose error message

    [completetime] => [Date & Time]

 Date and time the action was completed (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)


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