Xero Accounts for Diverse Accounting

In order to use the diverse accounting feature of Xero Re-Billing, you will need to create the following accounts in your Xero.

You can do this under Settings -> Chart of Accounts


All accounts must be Revenue accounts.  Typically they would be classified as a Sale account, however any choice of revenue account will work from a technical perspective.  We recommend seeking advice from your accountant or CFO as to which suits your model best.


Account Code Description
NN-BACKUP Cloud Backup Service Revenue
NN-CON-DC Transit, DC, DCI and Patch Connections
NN-CON-ENT EFM, EoC, Fiber Connectivity
NN-CON-MOB Mobile Data (3G/4G) Services
NN-VIRTUAL Virtual Server, Cloud Servers and IaaS
NN-DEDI Dedicated Servers
NN-COLO CoLocation Service Revenue
NN-EXC Office 365, Hosted Exchange & Zimbra Mailboxes Services
NN-FAX Fax Services and Messages
NN-POST Postal Services
NN-SMS SMS services
NN-CHANNEL Reseller & White Labelling Services
NN-LICENSE Software Licensing Revenue
NN-HOSTING Web Hosting Revenue
NN-STORAGE  SAN and Server Storage/Backup (excl. cloud backup)
NN-PBX PBX Base Monthly Fees
NN-VOIP VoIP Services Fixed Monthly Fees
NN-VCI VoIP Call Revenue (from PBX, VoIP)
NN-DID VoIP Phone Numbers
NN-PSTN Landline Rebill - PSTN and ISDN
NN-LABOUR Labour (Chargeable)
NN-MONITOR Server Monitoring Income
NN-HDESK Hosted Desktop / DaaS (New as at May, 2015)
NN-UNALLOC Unallocated income
NEURAL Fallback account code (if any of the above are missing)

See the below example after creation:


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    David Swinton

    Please note we have added a new account code for our new Cloud Hosted Desktop products (DaaS) - NN-HDESK. If you're using diverse accounting you will need to add this account code to your Xero account before selling cloud desktop products.

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