Troubleshooting - File Transfer Error (ReadyNAS)


When you receive an e-mail from your cloud backup service showing  failed backup with the error "File Transfer error" - please refer to the able below to determine the best course of action for resolution....


Check the error message in the e-mail, it will look something like this...

The error message was:

File transfer error - 0,0,0,30,0,0 

Each of the numbers shown represents the result code from backing up each share on the NAS.  For example, if you have 6 shares and 5 of them backed up correctly with 1 failed, you may see a result similar to the above.


The result codes translate as follows...

0 Success

1 Syntax or usage error
2 Protocol incompatibility
3 Errors selecting input/output files, dirs
4 Requested action not supported: an attempt was made to manipulate 64-bit files...
5 Error starting client-server protocol
6 Daemon unable to append to log-file
10 Error in socket I/O
11 Error in file I/O
12 Error in rsync protocol data stream
13 Errors with program diagnostics
14 Error in IPC code
20 Received SIGUSR1 or SIGINT
21 Some error returned by waitpid()
22 Error allocating core memory buffers
23 Partial transfer due to error
24 Partial transfer due to vanished source files
25 The --max-delete limit stopped deletions
30 Timeout in data send/receive
35 Timeout waiting for daemon connection


Based on the colour of the error code you are receiving above, please take the following steps....

  • Blue - Connection error, please test your internet connection with an MTR trace before contacting support
  • Green - This is a local error, please retry, if still failing reboot the NAS and retry, otherwise if still occuring contact support
  • Red - Please contact support


Before contacting support about an issue, please obtain the following information:


A Support archive from the NAS:


If the issue is a Connection error, please also obtain an MTR trace from the site:


Once the appropriate details are obtained, please e-mail the error message and codes, along with the details obtained above to 


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