Aggregated ADSL Connections

Multiple ADSL connections can be aggregated together to provide higher bandwidth and availability where connectivity options such as NBN, EoC or Fibre are not available, or too cost-prohibitive.


To create an aggregated link you will need:

  • Multiple phone lines (one per ADSL connection) (SKU 640004)
  • Multiple private IP ADSL connections (SKU 420002)
  • A private VRF gateway (SKU 550009)
  • A data pack of your choosing


When combined, these services can create links equivalent to the capacity of the combined operational speed of the ADSL connections - all via a single internet IP address.  VRF's also allow cross-site routing and data pool sharing to create private cross-site LAN configurations.

Aggregated links are note always possible and are subject to post-qualification for service availability.

 Please contact your account manager to learn more about aggregated ADSL connections.

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