DSL Churns - Process and Implications

If an existing DSL service is on a phone line, you may choose to churn this service across to us.  This will result in the existing service being replaced with your new service.

In most cases, any existing service you have with your previous provider will automatically be cancelled.  Please be aware that this may have implications such as cancellation fees, or early termination fees with your previous provider.  Please be sure to check what charges will apply with your previous provider before proceeding.


When a DSL service is churned, a target date and time will be specified for the cut over to take place.  At the time of the cutover, you will need to do one of either:

  • Replace the existing modem / router with one configured for your new service
  • Re-configure the existing modem/router to use the username and password of the new service

After the cutover, your existing internet connection will remain offline until one of the above is completed.


Important Note:

We do not recommend churns on business-critical connections.  If your organisation depends heavily on it's internet connection, it is typically advisable to provision your new connection onto a secondary line, then transition over to the new connection before cancelling the old one.  At sites running VoIP phone systems, this is an especially important consideration.

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