Connectivity Troubleshooting

Our online ADSL troubleshooting tool is the quickest and easiest way to diagnose and resolve ADSL issues


If you are experiencing connectivity issues with you ADSL service, please follow these steps to identify the cause:

1 Check that your modem is connected to the phone line and is powered on, and that any line filters are installed correctly
2 Confirm whether connectivity exists between the modem and the PC.
3 Power-cycle your modem by turning it off for 20 seconds, then switching it back on
4 Check that there are no issues in your network configuration. Plug a computer directly into the modem, if your internet connection is working, a switch, router, hub, etc. on your network is misconfigured.
5 Check that the username and password configured for your ADSL service are correct.
6 Ensure the ADSL modem is connected by ethernet or USB, rather than wirelessly
7 Confirm that a dial tone is present and an outbound call can be made. ADSL will not work on an inactive or cancelled service. If not, please contact your telephony provider.
8 Perform an isolation test by disconnecting all other devices, such as phones, faxes, extension cords and cabling, double adaptors and Foxtel Digital units on the same phone line used by the ADSL modem. If there is a burglar alarm there is a requirement for a central filter to be placed before the alarm which must be on the end user side of the filter.
9 Check the current events page for any known outages: Service Status
10 Reset the modem to factory default
11 Reconfigure the username and password in the modem / PC client

If you have followed all these steps and are still experiencing issues, please log a fault with us using our ADSL troubleshooting tool, which can be found here

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