ADSL Troubleshooting Steps

Our online ADSL troubleshooting tool is the quickest and easiest way to diagnose and resolve ADSL issues


When experiencing a problem with an ADSL connection, the following steps must be performed to diagnose the cause.  Most ADSL issues are caused by factors at the local site / office.  It is the customers responsibility to perform these steps.
  1. Confirm whether the router can be contacted from the internal network
  2. Confirm that a dial tone is present and an outbound call can be made. ADSL will not work on an inactive or cancelled line.  This is not applicable to "naked" DSL services
  3. Perform an adequate isolation test by disconnecting all other devices, such as phones, faxes, extension cords and cabling, double adaptors and Foxtel Digital units on the same phone line used by the ADSL modem. If there is a back to base burglar alarm there is a requirement for a central filter to be placed before the back to base alarm which must be on the end user side of the filter.
  4. Confirm there are no issues with local networking equipment (including servers, switches, hubs and routers)
  5. Confirm that the modem configuration (username and password) is correct 
  6. Confirm the end user premises wiring is performing to specification (including inline and central filters).
  7. Ensure extension cables and third party double adapters are removed and the modem is plugged in directly (without a filter) into the first socket.
  8. Ensure the DSL modem is connected by ethernet cable to the network rather than wireless.
  9. Confirm there are no errors in the end user PC, phone or other network device configuration.
  10. Ensure that the end user is using a modem approved by Telstra for interfacing with the Telstra DSL network (“Approved Modem”).
  11. Turn off the ADSL modem for a minimum of 20 seconds then switch the modem back on and wait for the DSL light to return to a solid green.
  12. Reset the modem to factory default and re-configure the username and password.


Please do not call or e-mail support as a reporting or lodgement method for ADSL problems -- instead use our online ADSL troubleshooting and escalation tool, which can be found at -- This tool has been designed to expedite resolution of ADSL faults to ensure the quickest time to resolution for yourself and your clients.


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