SMTP Mail Relay

Neural makes an open SMTP mail relay available to all servers on our network.  This is indented for use for general use / transaction mail only.  


The server address is:


No SMTP authentication is required - this is an open relay accessible from within Neural's network.   It can be accessed from any server, virtual or cloud server, as well as any Private IP or Internet connection.


Terms of use:

  • This mail relay is intended for general use only, this excludes broadcast / bulk mailing.  If you intend to send large-scale mail campaigns, we recommend the use of an external, specialised service such as SendGrid or similar.
  • The mail relay system is protected by spam filtering.  In the event that you are sending e-mails that score too high on the spam filtering system your access to the system may be automatically suspended. 
  • The mail relay system is equipped with load balancing and the IP addresses are subject to change.  Please ensure you use only the DNS address and not individual IP addresses.
  • Use of this mail relay is subject to our AUP


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