What is a Service Delivery Target (SDT)

A service delivery target (SDT) defines the average amount of time taken for completion of an order of a particular type.  It is used as an indicator of roughly  how long an order of a particular type is expected to take on average.


Factors taken into account to determine SDT's are:

  • Average provisioning time of previous orders of the same type
  • Weekends and National Public Holidays


Factors not taken into account in an SDT is:

  • Quoting and pre-order-confirmation discussion and negotiation
  • Paperwork / contract completion and return
  • Invoicing and payment turnaround for setup invoices
  • Customer requested delay / offset
  • External factors such as MSD's (Mass service disruptions)
  • Natural disasters
  • Incorrect order information
  • Non-standard complexity of orders


Due to the number of variables outside of the scope of the SDT, it should be used as a guide only and should only be described as a rough estimate, never as a guarantee either verbally or contractually.


The service delivery target for products can be viewed in the pricebook, at the bottom of your desired product's panel.

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