Ticket Severity Scale

When you log a ticket with Neural, we classify the severity of the enquiry based on a standardised scale.


The scale is as follows...

Urgent - The business has ceased trading / is completely unable to operate because of the problem
High - A major part of the business is non-operational / the business is losing money because of the problem
Normal - The problem is causing an inconvenience, but is not having a major impact on the business
Low - This is a question / enquiry / change request


The severity is initially determined by...


When a ticket is logged via phone...

The severity will be determined by the agent or technician at the time the ticket is logged.


When the ticket is logged via e-mail...

Tickets default to medium priority.  If this is not the case, we recommend either logging the ticket via the support portal, or requesting a Neural technician change the priority once logged.


When the ticket is logged via the support portal...

You may specify the ticket severity when logging a ticket.  We ask that you do so according to the scale above.


Change of severity...

A Neural technician or agent may update the severity of the ticket at any time as the ticket is evaluated, or as the ticket progresses.


A note on High and Urgent tickets...

When a ticket is logged with High priority, automated ticket escalation occurs within our ticketing system notifying senior technical staff of the ticket automatically.

When a ticket is logged with an Urgent priority, both senior technical staff as well as management staff are notified automatically.

For this reason, users abusing this system by logging tickets incorrectly logged with High or Urgent severity on an ongoing basis may be banned from creating tickets of this severity. Please ensure that ticket severity is always logged in accordance with the scale set out above.


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