Importing your Contacts from the OSX Address book to Outlook for Mac

If you have previously been using the OSX Address book (for example, with Apple Mail) for your e-mail and need to transition them across to Outlook for use with your Exchange or Zimbra service, please perform the following steps...


To import your contacts from Mac OS X Address Book into Outlook for Mac:

  1. Open Address Book.
  2. Drag and drop All Contacts from the Group list to your Desktop.
  3. Close Address Book.
  4. Open Outlook for Mac.
  5. Select View | Go To | Contacts from the menu.
  6. Drag and drop "All Contacts.vcf" from the Desktop (created before) to the Address Book root category.
  7. Make sure a + appears as you hover the file over the Address Book category.
  8. Delete the "All Contacts.vcf" file from your Desktop.

Outlook for Mac will automatically create and assign categories if you have your Address Book contacts in groups.


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