Troubleshooting e-mail problems

Information required for effective troubleshooting of email issues:
If you experience issues with your e-mail traffic on our hosted exchange service, please run though the checklist below and submit the results as a support ticket.  This will enable us to help get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

1) Are you the only user affected by this issue?

2) Does outlook say “Connected to Microsoft Exchange” on the bottom right hand side of the outlook window?

3) Is the issue:

a. Inbound: you cannot receive emails, or other issues with people sending you emails

b. Outbound: you cannot send emails, or other issues with the emails you send

c. Internal: issues with sending or receiving email to/from someone else in your organisation

d. All of the above or something else?

4) Be sure to forward any error messages

5) Also ensure you send the email headers for any error messages you get (Click here for details on this process)

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