SMS for Zendesk Setup

Setup Instructions - Creating Targets

Browse to and sign up for an account. 

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your account details.

Log in to your Zendesk account then go to:


Settings   >   Extensions


You will need to use an account with administrative privileges
Click the “Targets” tab, then click “Add target” neztarget.png
Select “URL Target” zenurl.png
Enter the details as follows:


Title:  SMS Assignee


Method: get

Attribute Name:  msg

Basic Auth Username:  (blank)

Basic Auth Password:  (blank)
Change the dropdown box at the bottom of the page to “Create target” then click “Submit”

Repeat steps 3 – 6 using the “URL” field found in step 1. Using these you can create “Targets” for the following:

  •  SMS Assignee
  • SMS Requester
  • SMS Manager

Configuring Triggers


Once you’ve set up your new SMS targets, you’ll need to tell Zendesk when it should send our SMS messages.  This is done by configuring “Triggers” to notify the SMS “Targets” when certain conditions are met.


How this is configured comes down to your organisations requirements and business processes.  You may choose to use SMS to notify your agents, customers, management, or all of the above!  It all comes down to how you configure your triggers.



To get started, click:

Manage   >   Triggers & mail notifications


Zendesk already has several pre-created triggers for handling everyday ticket events.  You may choose to edit any of these and add “Actions” to “Notify Target” – “SMS __”.


Alternatively you may create whole new triggers with your own specified conditions to trigger SMS messages.

 You can learn more about triggers here, or about general information about configuring Zendesk in the Getting started guide.


Mobile Numbers


The final step is to configure mobile numbers on our Agents and customers. 

 Browse to your “People” list under   Manage  >  People


Neural SMS for Zendesk uses the “Phone” field configured against each person to SMS them. 

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