Document Format Requirements for Faxing

When sending a fax via the webApp, or via API you must ensure that the document meets the following requirements...


Document Requirements

  • It must be in PDF format (you can send word documents via Communicator, but not via the webApp)
  • It must be A4 or Letter pages in portrait orientation
  • There must be no more than 8 pages per document
  • It must be less than 10MB in size
  • The PDF version must be at least version 1.6 (see below)


This does not apply to Communicator.  Communicator will automatically convert the document into the correct format for you.  Note that the 8 page limit still applies to communicator.


Checking the PDF version of a Document

The PDF version must be at least 1.6 - you can check the version using the File- > Properties window in Adobe Reader:



Most modern software will output versions 1.6 and above - however old versions of software and some old office equipment (such as scanners and multi-function centres) can output old formats.  In these cases we recommend updating the software, or applying a firmware update to the device.


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