General VoIP Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues making or receiving calls from your VoIP service, please follow these steps:

If your issue relates to one-way audio, please see the following article:


1. Power cycle your VoIP phone and router by removing the power, waiting 30 seconds and powering back on.
2. Check the VoIP phone's status shows registered and it's not in Do Not Disturb mode. On Ciscos, do not disturb is accessed by the far right soft key (DND). If the phone is not registered, check the server, username and password configured.
3. Ensure that your phone and router's configuration is correct. Check your NAT settings (it should be on), SIP ALG (it should be off in most cases)
      3a. For a list of supported routers, please see the following article:
4. Run a network test to ensure there's no network issues. See the following guide for running an MTR: 
5. Test the account with X-Lite or Bria. See the following guide for setup instructions:
6. Ensure the codecs are correctly set according to your device's settings in VoIP Commander. To check, click edit on the device and scroll to the codecs section.
7. Check that your account is not out of credit - you can see your current credit on the My Account tab of Customer Portal (
8. Check that the number is routed correctly in Neural VoIP commander ( It should be routed to the account you're using. If not, you can change this by clicking Edit Route, selecting account from the destination type and choosing the device number you're using.
9. If you have a PBX connected, ensure the number is routed in your PBX or your database, depending on the setup, and that the end user is connected.
10. If you're still unable to place or receive calls, please gather as much information as you can, including numbers dialed, dates and times, and any errors you are receiving and email these to The spreadsheet attached below will help ensure we're getting all the information needed to quickly identify the issue.
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