Router / Firewall Requirements for Business VoIP and PBX as a Service

Check Compatibility


Firstly, please ensure that your modem or router is not out our list of known problematic devices:


If it is, we recommend using one of the following devices as an alternative:



Firewall Configuration


To test whether your firewall may be blocking the traffic required for the proper operation of your VoIP service, you may wish to try temporarily disabling it and restarting the network and VoIP equipment, then testing again.

You may also need to disable SIP ALG, as many iterations can cause issues with VoIP traffic. Generally, this can be found under advanced firewall settings, depending on your router.

For more permanent configuration, please ensure the following allowances are in place to permit Neural's VoIP traffic to flow through your firewall.  Please add an accept inbound & outbound rule for the following addresses:


The outbound ports required are:

  • 5060 UDP/TPC for signalling
  • 10000 - 20000 UDP for RTP audio

Inbound ports may vary depending on your  SIP device configuration.   It is common practice to white-list traffic both inbound and outbound to these IP's.

It is important that you do not forward these ports, but rather 'white list' or allow them through any ACL's on your router/firewall.

If you are using a custom built hosted solution, you will also need to add the IP for that server.

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