Known Incompatible Modems and routers


Billion (most models):

In our experience most models of Billion modems and routers will cause issues with our service.  Problems such as phones not ringing, one-way audio or no audio on calls and pones losing their connection (orange lights) are common.  Most models have very low built-in RAM, which makes them unsuitable for the number of NAT mappings required for SIP registration to work.  A firmware update may help to alleviate issues on some models, but in many cases it is a hardware limitation.  SIP ALG must be disabled on most models.

Billion 7300: SIP ALG must be disabled.

Billion 7200: SIP ALG must be disabled.

Billion 5200: SIP ALG must be disabled.

Billion 7800N (Firmware 1.06H):  This device has been found to work with SIP ALG enabled.  For all other brands and models SIP ALG should be disabled.

Netcomm (some modems):

Presently no models of Netcomm modem are certified for use with our services.  Some higher-end models have been seen to work in some circumstances, but there are significant known issues with NAT mapping on lower-end, particularly DSL modems from this vendor.

Draytek (old models / old firmware):

Particularly on older firmware versions, some models of Draytek modem will have NAT mapping issues over time.  Quite often they work fine at install, but later down the track will experience issues with periodically dropped / not ringing phones.  Often problems with these modems are resolved by a firmware update.

If you are experiencing problems with any of the above brands, please consider replacing it with one of the recommended devices listed here:

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