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IVRs are automated answering machines which guide callers to their destination by providing a number of choices and waiting for a caller key press. IVRs are accessible by selecting IVR on the navigation menu.


You can add an IVR by clicking the Add IVR button at the top of the list, or edit a current IVR by clicking the edit.jpg icon next to your target IVR. You will be presented with the following options, detailed below





The display name for the IVR


The unique identifier number for this IVR


The sound file to be played upon the caller reaching the IVR – see Sound Files for more

IVR Type

Standard: Small range of options (1-10 & *)

Multi Digit: Large range, set separately (10-9999999)

PIN Based: Same as Multi digit, but supports PIN expiration times


This table outlines the possible destination types, as well as their possible targets


Possible Entries


IVR’s unique number. Can be used to repeat the current menu, simply enter this IVRs number here.


Direct to a queue by selecting its name from the dropdown


Direct this call to an established conference room by entering its unique ID


Route he call directly to the voicemail of the specified extension, by its extension number


Gives the caller the ability to dial an extension based on the first 3 digits of the extension’s last name (entered using the phone keypad)

Remote Access

Allow agents to remotely login to the system.

Agent Login: remotely login to queues etc.

Destinations: enables the caller to dial any destination (see extensions – enhanced)

Voicemail: Remotely check extension’s voicemail

Fax to Email

Not supported on a PBX level. Please contact our sales team to set fax to email up

Call External Number

Allows the caller to be transferred to another external number, by entering the number in the destination box


The following table outlines possible options for the IVR destinations. The options you are presented depend on the type of destination



Default Caller ID

Allows the caller ID to be overwritten. You can use %CALLERID% to show the original caller ID. Eg. Entering ‘Sales %CALLERID%’ will show on the phone as ‘Sales 0312345678’


Language used for this selection. Use if you would like callers to hear prompts in another language

Queue Priority

Set the call to enter the target queue at a higher or lower priority, with 1 being the highest

Read Extension Number

When the directory reads back the target user’s name, it will also repeat their extension number

Search By Name

Specify whether the directory should search by first name or last name




IVR – Advanced Options

To access the advanced options, create or edit an IVR as laid out about, then click advopt.png at the top of the window. You will be presented with the following additional options, detailed below.




Disables the IVR. All calls to it will be diverted to Operator

Operator Extension

The extension number calls will divert to when the IVR is disabled

Disable CallerID

Disables the Caller ID requirement for PIN based IVRs



General Settings

Response Timeout

How long the PBX will wait for a key press

RTP Delay

Amount of time before the PBX plays the greeting

Digit Timeout

Amount of time the PBX will wait between digit presses (multi-digit IVRs)

Rings to Answer

Number of rings the caller will hear before the IVR answers






Greeting Options

Play Greeting

Number of times the greeting will be repeated with no response before the call is disconnected or transferred to timeout extension

Timeout Extension

The extension number that calls with no response should be transferred to

Operation Times

See the operation times section



Ringing Type

Ringing Type

This defines what is played to the caller before the IVR answers their call

Music on Hold

If music on hold is set in the previous field, defines which class of MoH to play

Field (cont.)

Detail (cont.)

Ringing Type (cont.)

Custom Ring Tone

When supported by the handset, associate a custom ringtone with this IVR. Refer to your handset manufacturer’s guide for more info



Local Dialling

Dial Local / Network Extensions

Sets whether callers to the IVR can directly enter extension numbers.

Fax Dialling

Fax is not supported on a PBX level. Please contact our sales team to discuss fax to email

Enable Range Limit

Defines which range of extension the IVR will be allowed to dial (eg. Allow only ext 101-110)

Start At

For the range limit, the lowest extension the IVR can dial (eg. 101)

End At

For the range limit, the highest extension the IVR can dial (eg. 110)




Account Access Only

Restricts access to the IVR to only specific extensions

Account List

Lists the extensions, delimited by a space, that will be able to access this IVR

Sales Extension

When a caller is not on the permitted accounts list, their call will be transferred to this extension number



IVR – Multi Digit

Multi Digit IVRs are similar to a standard IVR, except they support entries of more than one number

 To add or edit a multi-digit combination for Multi Digit IVRs, please navigate to Multi Digit IVR codes on the left menu. You can add an access code with the add button at the top, or edit an existing with the edit.jpg button next to the target code.




Access Code

Specify the number that the user needs to enter into the IVR to access this destination


The display name for the access code


Enter the destination to be dialled when this code is entered

Please note, these are only used when a multi-digit IVR has been created. Refer to IVR type above to change this.

IVR – PIN Based

PIN based IVRs are a variation on both standard IVRs (as it can support multiple digits) and multi-digit IVRs (it can support expiry dates on the access codes)

To add or edit a PIN combination for PIN based IVRs, please navigate to PIN based IVR codes on the left menu. You can add an access code with the add button at the top, or edit an existing with the edit.jpg button next to the target code.




Specify the PIN the caller needs to enter to access this destination


The display name for the PIN

Expiry Date

Defines how long this PIN will be valid for. Once expired, it will no longer be usable.


Enter the destination to be dialled when this PIN is entered



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