Voicemail Settings


Voicemail boxes catch calls that would otherwise have gone unanswered, and request that a message be left for later review.

Voicemail is managed in two separate places. Per-extension voicemail is managed on the extension itself (see extensions above). Voicemail for queues, IVRs or operating hours are managed by accessing Voicemail on the navigation menu.


You can create a new custom Voicemail (for queues, IVRs, etc.) by clicking Add Voicemail at the top, or edit a current custom voicemail by clicking the image005.jpg  button next to your target voicemail box. If the edit icon is greyed out, that voicemail box is for an extension, and must be edited on the extension itself. Upon editing, you will be presented with the following options, detailed below.






This is the unique Identifier number for this mailbox


The display name for this mailbox


Specifies the 4 digit number required when logging in to check this mailbox


The email address associated with this mailbox. Any notifications or attached messages (if enabled) will be sent here. Multiple addresses can be entered with a comma seperator

Send Email

Should the PBX send the above email address an email on receipt of a voicemail

Pager Email

A secondary email address that will receive notifications that a voicemail has been left

Greeting Message

Specify which greeting messages will be played to users before they leave their message. Either Unavailable or Busy

Unavailable Message

Upload a custom voicemail message to be played instead of the default by clicking choose file. Please see Sound Files for formats

Reset Unavailable Message

Remove the currently uploaded voicemail message

Busy Message

Upload a custom voicemail message to be played instead of the default by clicking choose file. Please see Sound Files for formats

Reset Busy Message

Remove the currently uploaded voicemail message

Skip Instructions

The PBX will not play the instructions on how to leave a message if this is enabled


Should the voice message be attached and sent along with the notification email

Delete After Emailing

Should the voice message file be deleted from the PBX once it has been sent to the notification email

Say CallerID

Should the extension/phone number which left the voice message be announced to the mailbox owner when reviewing

Allow Review Mode

Enable the person leaving the voicemail to review and re-record their voicemail before the mailbox owner is notified (# when finished recording gives the options)

Allow Operator

Allow callers to reach the operator (at the extension below) by pressing 0, instead of leaving a message

Operator Extension

The extension number that is dialled when the caller presses 0

Play Envelope Message

When checking the voicemail, should the PBX announce the date and time the message was left

Hide From Directory

Enables the voicemail box to be hidden from the directory list

Rings to Answer

Sets the number of rings a caller will hear before reaching the voicemail box, rather than just ‘falling’ into it

Voicemail Delay

Delay time, in seconds, before the greeting is played. Use to avoid callers missing the first part of the message.


Specifies which timezone should be used when messages are left

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